Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The king of the self-titled genre - Bedroom Bass - is back with another masterpiece. I'm talking about NYC based producer Sean Turk, who has just dropped this new single called "Villains". Soft synth chords, crisp hip hop beat, whoooping bass and sweet vocals is what makes up this recipe of awesomesauce. Having been a long time fan of Sean's productions, this one is a great follow to his existing portfolio, spreading the message about sweet and unique sound design. "Villains" is out now and available as a free download. Links below :)

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

When We Were Young

Lost Kings return strongly with a new single called "When We Were Young" feat. Norma Jean Martine. Reading the title and looking at the cover art, it's evident that this track is a tribute/throwback to their childhood, before becoming world renowned DJs and producers. The track reflects a certain level of innocence and it shines thanks to a optimistic sounding instrumental and a vocal that perfectly balances emotional and energetic vibes. Lost Kings have come a far way and are slowly but steadily shifting more into the pop music sphere, while still maintaining a foot in the dance world. Looking back at their set from Ultra, it's evident that they are still capable at delivering a hard hitting EDM performance in the right setting. 

"When We Were Young" is out now and available via all major streaming platforms. Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Teenage Crime (Christofi Remix)

It's time to rediscover a classic...a classic that has been remixed by L.A. based producer Christofi. If you've been enjoying dance music since at least 2010 the track "Teenage Crime" by Swedish hit maker Adrian Lux should be on your radar...or if you didn't hear the original, then at least the version put together by Henrik B and Axwell back in the day. 

Now Christofi delivers his unique take on this legendary dance tune and while I tend to suggest remixers should stop messing with classics, he has gotten away with this one with flying colours. Not only that, but he has completely taken over ownership of "Teenage Crime" and made it his own with his distinct energetic sound design that bursts with feel good vibes. I can't think of a better track to start the weekend, so brace yourself and press that play button right here below: 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Catch and Release

The soulful vibes on this new Molly Moore single are as real as they get and that is why you should pay attention to today's pick! The L.A. based artist has just released her new EP called Third Eye High and one of the track on there is this one called "Catch and Release". The heavy hitting hip hop beat makes for a solid foundation to guide Molly's smooth vocal through your ear canal, delivering nothing but easy listening bliss. If this has got you hooked, then I highly recommend you dive into the remaining 3 tracks on her new EP, which are equally awesome. Hands-down Third Eye High is the strongest release by Molly Moore so far and I hope she will continue to explore this style for some time to come. Excited much? You should be! 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Who's To Say

Feeling some underground vibes today? Then you've come to the right place! Caleb Cornett & Felix Bloxsom aka Amtrac & Plastic Plates or in combined form aka Luces are responsible for this tune here called "Who's To Say". What can you expect? A hypnotising piece of melodic deep house like you haven't heard it before. The experience and sound design these two bring to the surface is astonishing and it's an absolute pleasure to listen to if you're looking to explore this genre. Personally I am amazed by the retro electronica vibe, reminiscent of some early 80's dance music, but with a modern twist. "Who's To Say" is part of a two track EP, which is out today. Click the link below for your streaming pleasure. 

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Monday, May 14, 2018


Dutch producer Bodé is the dude behind this epic tune called "Talk". Behind the project Bodé is Boris Deckers from Breda (yup, the same town as legendary Tiesto). If you dig the sounds that typically come from acts like Oliver Heldens or Throttle or just like a piece of music that is good to shuffle along to, then this is definitely for you. A catchy and upbeat instrumental lays the foundation for this track, which also shines thanks to an on point vocal performance by an unknown feature. "Talk" is out now on Perfect Havoc. Stream right here or check the link below for Spotify. 

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Galaxies EP

Manchester based DJ and producer Dolo Jones returns with a brand new EP called "Galaxies" featuring a total of 5 superb dance originals. From the pack I've picked the one called "On My Mind", a high energy arrangement that is made to make you dance. The use of rhythmic synths is what makes this tune so contagious and the sounds used also give it a subtle retro vibe which is always cool. "On My Mind" is one of the brighter tracks on this EP, which also features some deeper and more hypnotising vibes. 

"Galaxies" EP is out now and available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music. Hit play right here or check out the links below. Enjoy! 


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Thursday, May 10, 2018


Stockholm based vocalist Ame Ardai returns a new release called "Blue", following up on her recent debut single "Not Believing". Her style can be characterised as a mix of RnB and soft electronica vibes, making her music ideal for easy listening. Even though she appears to be relatively new to the game, her work suggests that she's an absolute pro and hence she remains one of my top #onestowatch for 2018. Dive right into her latest masterpiece by pressing the play button and check the links below for streaming via Spotify and socials. 

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Monday, May 7, 2018


Sam Martinsen aka Pluko is the wizard behind this amazing tune called "Asleep" feat. MOONZz. In pretty much no time the just 17 year old producer has created a name for himself by producing official remixes for Odesza and Hayden James and his debut for the Foreign Family Collective shows that his original works are also absolutely stunning. "Asleep" is a soft electronica pop tune that shines with a wonderful instrumental and an on point vocal performance that perfectly matches the dreamy vibe. So make sure to add Pluko to your watchlist of upcoming artists and press play below.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Old Times (X-Coast Remix)

Amtrac's single "Old Times" feat. Anabel Englund has received a formidable remix pack consisting of 4 brand new takes from producers Skream, Gerd Janson, Juan Maclean and this one by NYC based X-Coast. He has decided to go with a full-blown retro house vibe which works like a charm. The entire remix is like a pure nostalgia trip, which kind of makes sense considering the title of the original. I really enjoy the execution here and it's most certainly a tune that will start a fire on the dance floor if you play this out loud in a club. Press play right here and make sure to check out the other remixes too via the link below. Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Peace of Mind

Ambient big city vibes is what producer Laarsen is dishing up with the latest release called "Peace Of Mind". The sound is a fusion of multiple genres and the combination of real instrumental samples and electronic synthesis makes for a futuristic soundscape. At the same time it's a very versatile piece of music, ideal for a chillout session or background soundtrack for videography. The trap inspired beat adds energy and pace to the vibe, keeping things dynamic and groovy. 

Give "Peace of Mind" a spin right here or check the link below for streaming alternatives. Enjoy!

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